Rescue Dogs Cooper & Marley

This a gallery of our two dogs Cooper (Walker Coon Hound) and Marley (Chocolate Lab/American Staffordshire Terrier Mix?). Cooper came to us through a local rescue called Adopt an Angel. We first met Cooper when he was being fostered by a friend of ours. He was super shy and scared at the adoption fairs and he would sit all the way back in his cage. No one wanted to adopt such a shy dog, so we scoped him up.

It took a long time for him to warm up to me because he was abused by his previous owner and did not trust  men in general. My wife Maria however hit it off with Cooper from day one. Cooper is always at Maria's side. Now a few years later, he also loves hanging out with me. It took some time but we finally bonded. 

Marley was adopted from the New Hanover County Humane Society which is just outside the gates of the Wilmington, NC airport. She ended up there because she was given up on by a family who said she pulled to hard on the leash and they had a hard time walking her. That was a little disappointing to hear but their loss is our gain.

She was a little over a year old and had such a great chocolate lab coat with a pit-bull head. Our previous dog was a similar mix and we were looking to adopt a dog that was like her. We went home and got Cooper and  brought him down there to see if they would get along. These two hit it off so well, we were smiling the whole time. They were playing and running around from minute one and they haven't stopped since!. We have a video of their first meeting on my photo and we like to watch it from time to time. 

If you're in the market for a new dog, please don't shop…adopt. There are so many dogs out there that need a second chance like Cooper and Marley.